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Solo Press Quotes

Penneys playing is nothing short of amazing.

Fanfare Magazine

It was a thrilling performance that proved to the over flow crowd that with Penneys, the golden age of piano playing is not only alive but thriving.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Her interpretations, always honestly conceived, are clearly contoured, athletically limber and precisely articulated.

New York Times

A sensational effect was created by the playing of Rebecca Penneys.  She is a genius of the piano…

Express Wieczorny, Warsaw

Penneys commands a fluid technique which ranges from the most velvet pianissimo to the most stentorian fortissimo, and which shifts gears from virtuosic passage work to simple melodies without missing a beat.

Rochester Times Union

Her performance was nothing short of revelatory: a taut, kinetic brand of music making that had you holding on to your seat.

San Francisco Examiner

She will leave behind the memory of a truly great recitalist.

New Zealand Herald

When she touches her wand-like fingers to the keyboard, thunder rolls, lightning breaks through the heavens, and Elysian songs are heard.

Milwaukee Sentinel

Penneys moves like a dancer, has the strength of an Olympic gymnast and plays the piano like a tamed whirlwind.

New York Daily News

A more stunning display of musical intelligence and technical prowess would be difficult to imagine.

Winston-Salem Journal

Penneys played with a freedom both effortless and selfless. Her technique was so secure and her mind was so focused that she could do anything she chose with the music — and she chose the right things.

Milwaukee Journal

Pianist Rebecca Penneys’ recital revealed an artist of striking originality. Penneys is a pianist of prodigious talent: She possesses a daredevil technique and the sort of charismatic stage presence that demands attention.

Rochester Democrat and Chronicle

Her performance was rich, beautiful and touching, full of brilliance, grace and joy.

Mainichi News, Tokyo

Penneys gave an amazing performance of the entire Chopin etude cycle. The results were as musically moving as they were brilliantly instructive.

Milwaukee Sentinel

With Penneys the flair and lively elegance of music-making proved irresistible.

Montreal Gazette

Pennyes is major artist of intelligence, technique and the bravura temperament.

San Francisco Observer

…Miss Penneys has exceptional tonal control as well as massive technique. She can caress a phrase or thunder a passage with equal appropriateness…

Philadelphia Inquirer

Penneys’ recording embodies the true essence of the Chopin Etudes, studies in sound, nuance, sensitivity, touch & emotion.  It is through her transcendent pianistic ability and complete understanding of the physiology of the body that these more humanistic qualities are released.

Budapest Sun

Whether with humor or with a reflectiveness that goes deeper than usual, Penneys compels the listener to hear standard works with new ears. Her playing is marked by a keen musical intelligence, imagination, and good rhythm.

American Record Guide

Brava, Rebecca Penneys!
This is the way the piano should be played — and recorded.

Los Angeles Audio Society

Penneys offers an extraordinary collection of performances displaying an astonishing control over piano sound. It is absolutely gorgeous and full of unimaginable colors. She sings through the instrument, seemingly without effort. Her playing is simply revelatory.

American Record Guide

Genius, it has been said, knows itself. If that is so, then Rebecca Penneys must know how remarkable she is.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

Trio Press Quotes

Together they work magic.

Rochester Times

The Trio played with big tone, supple phrasing, energy, and a romantic ensemble in which individualism and teamwork were balanced.

The New Yorker

Playing together with seamless rapport and producing rich symphonic sonorities, the musicians played with singing line, rounded phrases, subtle nuance of tempo and dynamics and eloquent exchanges of musical dialogue.

Cleveland Plain Dealer

This is one of the most interesting and exciting discs of piano trios, or any chamber music, or any classical music I have ever heard.

Fanfare July/August 2003 CD Review of New Arts Trio in Recital at Chautauqua

This is a delightful team, with a collective personality that seems to sum up the joy of making music with each other, which, after all, is the essence of chamber music.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette