Practical goals

I see myself as mentor who helps pianists achieve independence as they continue on their journey.

Playing Without Strain or Pain…

I spend a lot of time teaching people to be able to play the instrument effortlessly without stress, strain or injury, using economical and efficient skills. My students become fully functional pianists and not pianists who play just a few pieces well. They are pianists who are comfortable at any piano within a few minutes.

Minimum Effort with Maximum Effect…

I teach pianists to produce musical expression and nuance so that interpretations are not restricted by unresolved handicaps. Each pianist expresses a personal aural vision, making the thrills of infinite interpretative and artistic possibilities attainable without endless hours of repetitive practice.

Motion and Emotion

I coined the phrase Motion and Emotion many years ago as a way of making piano technique and interpretation one subject — one expressive concept. 

Relate Physical Motion and Human Emotion…

Motion and Emotion is my focal point for exploring the physical, intellectual, emotional, and psychological relationships between mind and body.

Combine technique and interpretation…

My students use Motion and Emotion to simplify, synthesize and solve technical and interpretive problems and to feel comfortable in their artistry.

Voice of the Piano

Develop Your own Identity…

Every performing artist has a unique and alluring sound identity. One’s sound is one’s fingerprint — like an individual trademark. Along with rhythm, sound is the prime ingredient and carrier of emotion.

Understanding and using the Voice of the Piano is essential if classical music is to remain a meaningful language. My students explore the relationship between the keyboard and the pedals, along with touch and nuance.

Individual Expression Reveals the Magic of the Instrument.

Traditional & Holistic Piano

Create a new view of the world…

I am a firm believer in teaching the basics of musicianship, technique and interpretation in a traditional context with present day perspective.

Combine cherished old traditions with new intelligence…

I embrace holistic concepts in learning, education, human potential and health. What emerges is new meaning within old contexts and new contexts for old traditions.

Gain New Meaning and Insight…

An Optimal Learning Consciousness

My goal is to teach an alert learning consciousness called flow state learning. To reach this state requires learning in rhythm at a level of difficulty that stretches seeing, hearing, tactile and movement skills, or Stress Point Learning. I might use a metronome, physio-ball or even a trampoline.

Achieve Flow in learning music…

Aural and visual flow

  • Improves all fundamental skills — attention, memory and self direction.
  • Gives an awareness of tension, intention and attention.
  • Helps injury prevention.

Stress Point Learning strengthens all musical skills and simultaneously teaches better general learning.
The fundamentals of flow apply at all stages of learning, practicing and performing music.